Childhood is best time to experience most new things for the first in our life. This video shows most amazing moments when babies are discovering new things and reactions on this discoveries.

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  • schlaznger 9 months ago

    The kid drinking from the hose at the 4:00 mark needs to look out as his pampers are getting to the saturation point where they will explode. This happened to me when I was little and it blew my upper lip off. I never have been able to say the word "Potato". You laugh but it has haunted me so.

  • Becky Shock 9 months ago

    People can be so cruel ……..

  • caroline gee 9 months ago

    That baby in the car wash was really distressed . Nothing funny about that.

  • Nellie Umtuch 9 months ago

    I was babysitting a baby before and gave her a lemon she didn't have a reaction I was like "WTF"

  • Big McLargehuge 9 months ago

    A baby's giggle is the voice of God.

  • Bella Ahsan 9 months ago

    1:46. Is he crying or laughing?

  • Andrada's world 9 months ago

    Hello everyone you may want to view my channel too. I have uploaded some Cute baby videos. Hope you support me, This is just for fun and to relieve stress. I will upload more funny videos. Hope to see guys on my channel.

  • violet girl 9 months ago


  • Molly Prewitt Weasley 9 months ago

    The baby is either distressed or about to get hurt. You then: A. keep filming, or B: reassure or rescue your child. If you choose A, you're in favor of child endangerment. Discuss. No, wait. Don't.

  • Rulusan 9 months ago

    FYI drinking out of a water hose is pretty bad. Lots of toxins just sayin'

  • aisha ann 9 months ago


  • Shocka Xoulu 9 months ago

    Cute kiddies! ?" Mr. Lemon slice" was funniest to me; likely bc when my son was a baby, he tried 1 at a restaurant, & got mad bc he made the waitress squeal out a peel of laughter, & he literally threw the lemon slice at her… smh… 2yr olds! Ugh! Lol!

  • lisa ILuVmYcatz 9 months ago

    early signs of insanity

  • Louis Henry 9 months ago

    00:46 song?

  • farm 94 9 months ago

    And people kill this gift of God… what a shame and sinful actions..shame to abortion

  • Kashif Kaleem 9 months ago

    car washing video baby has watched final destination!

  • Cesa Satria Anwar 9 months ago

    1:40 He didn't know whether to laugh or cry so he did both

  • JabberCT 9 months ago

    The dark tunnel ones are hilarious!

  • Eduardo Alvarez 9 months ago

    Why are babies so stupid

  • Aveejit Sengupta 9 months ago

    That epic face of Thumbnail baby HAHAHHAHAHA ?