Check out my 10 easy, lazy person pranks for April Fools Day! They involve clingfilm, hiding fake spiders and many more laughs!

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HiyaElle is the YouTube channel of Elle Meadows, a teenage British YouTuber and unicorn. I spend all my free time making funny sketches, videos and vlogs for teenagers, kids and young-at-heart adults.
I edit and film all my videos independently in case you were wondering!
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  • Olivia and Reese's Friendship Corner 10 months ago

    My friend did the toilet picture and tape stuff to the ceiling to me thanks to you we are now in prank wars

  • yohandry guerrero 10 months ago

    These are hard

  • Emaan Qureshi 10 months ago

    how to prank

  • Amanda Tomasello 10 months ago

    these pranks are hilarious XD

  • WuLfE MSP 10 months ago

    Lol, these were funny pranks xD

  • Tierney BREAULT 10 months ago

    For the first one you should use a trollface picture!

  • Lydia Sakthivel 10 months ago

    Good pranks

  • Faith Angelica Distrito 10 months ago

    Actually my full name is Elle Jurnee M.Villarmea

  • Norman Lia 10 months ago

    You are very smart XD I really like your pranks… 😀

  • Ellie Elephant 10 months ago

    ??????????????????????YOU ARE THE BEST AT PRANKS

  • Ellie Elephant 10 months ago

    How did you now that prank. You are good et pranks

  • Zoey Guerrero 10 months ago

    Love ur videos and ur walls a r beautiful

  • Zarah Siddiqi 10 months ago

    Omg the Donald trump one lol

  • Shakenna Sings 10 months ago

    Go on google and look for a scary picture "takes out a picture of Donald Trump" that was hilarious ?????

  • COWCAM 10 months ago

    you sound like ldshadowladie

  • vendetta nation 10 months ago

    i love it

  • Emeric Switch 10 months ago

    The only hood prank video on YouTube.

  • Emerald Fondaw 10 months ago

    this made me laugh so much! LoL ?

  • hannah unicorn 10 months ago

    Does any one think she reminds you of LDSHADOWLADY X

  • brandon beal 10 months ago

    worst 5 minutes of my life