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TOP 5 of Just for laughs gags from last december is one of the best laughs gags compilation

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Second Part: ➞ Kids Pranks compilation(new) – The Best Prankers Stupid:

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  • MTIN 008 8 months ago

    one of the best laughing time to watch j f l gags

  • DEBORAH FURAHISHA 8 months ago


  • Leydi Belen zevallos danila 8 months ago

    jajaja q grasioso

  • Torres Yudi 8 months ago

    The best humor in the world….

  • Chea Ta 8 months ago


  • Loreto Perez 8 months ago

    I am a huge fan of "Just for Laugh", you guys are so creative by sharing your talent and putting smile on our face, but there is one thing that shouldn't be part of this is JOKING with JESUS on the CROSS.. seems you don't even know how precious HIS name was, at least give some respect to HIM.

  • Harald Reiter 8 months ago

    these guys have so many ideas and all without embarrassing the people. So funny…

  • salman rajput 8 months ago


  • Esther Mwangi 8 months ago

    the best .

  • עידו קופרק 8 months ago
  • Cristian Almonte 8 months ago

    Good job. Crisflow chapi girl, you have to see this now, click on my name.

  • Hachi 8 months ago

    03:41 What a man…

  • Alfonso Soto 8 months ago

    jajajajajajajajajajaj!!!! genius

  • koppula ranjit 8 months ago

    Yes they take care of participants …..just don't make them fools

  • minthan tun 8 months ago


  • Ravi Prajapati 8 months ago


  • Kadouret Kadouretx 8 months ago

    حقراء أنذال

  • Asael Arrieta 8 months ago


  • Seno Alfatich 8 months ago

    jancuk tenan

  • nelson jayson 8 months ago