Baby alive Love Fans is a Baby Alive collaboration channel started by YouTubers The channel features 7 girls including Lil’ Monkey Media and 6 others.

So who are these awesome girls?

Sunday: Kelli Maple

Kelli Maple :

Monday: Fun With Baby Alive

Fun With Baby Alive :

Tuesday: Baby Dolls & Little Girls

Baby Dolls & Little Girls:

Wednesday: Baby alive Channel

Baby alive Channel:

Thursday: Amy Sanchez

Amy Sanchez:

Friday: The Toytastic Sisters

Kelli Maple fans Love :

Saturday: Lil’ Monkey media

Lil’ Monkey media :

Please do not ask to be on the channel. If there are ever any openings and we are looking for someone new we will make a video about it. Also please do not leave any hate on the channel, any and all hate will result in the channel being blocked and reported, no exceptions. Please remember to think before you
Thanks again for all your support.

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Baby alive Learns To Fly – Baby Alive FUNNY VIDEOS compilation

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