We decided to prank Aaron and Corey by blowing a bouncy house up in their room to wake them up!! Also, we announce the mega prank war rules and prize at the end of the video!

Winner: Trip to Hawaii (most points by end date)
End Date: 8/18/17
Most Viewed Prank – 5 pts
Most Liked Prank – 3 pts
House Favorite Prank – 3 pts.

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  • Sam and Colby 10 months ago

    LIKE THIS VIDEO SO WE WIN THE PRANK WARRRRRRR !!!! let the games begin muahahhahhahaa

  • Barbara Lupo 10 months ago

    I like how everyone in this house can do all types of flips and tricks and I struggle with doing a summersault

  • dragonborn saiyan 10 months ago

    What type of dog is surca

  • kreann Kirkley 10 months ago

    This was filmed on my bestfriends bday

  • Rags Turnbull 10 months ago

    my cousins birthday is on 18th of august.

  • Katherine Starbuck 10 months ago

    It ends the day before my birthday

  • Ghostninja11505 Games 10 months ago

    i must know the background music at 3:15

  • nataly S. 10 months ago

    August 18 is my birthday but it's sad you'lls megha prank wars is almost over

  • Lilly Sandberg 10 months ago

    2:35 Uncle Elton is just like, "I don't even want to know."

  • Alyssa Clark 10 months ago

    That's my birthday ?? 8-18 is my birthday!! WHEN THEY STARTED CHANTING 8-18 I DIED

  • Aaron sounded so sad oh my gooood

  • Kaleb Zeunen 10 months ago

    #Team San and Colby for the win!!!!!

  • Aminger Bros 10 months ago

    when i heard that crack i thought he steped on his phone ???

  • Kelsey Z 10 months ago

    whoever wins come to maui,hawaii (i live there)

  • MonkeyLover97 10 months ago

    August 18th is my birthday! 😀

  • Caitlin Olson 10 months ago

    Aha Colby, "I have a short stick in general" ??

  • Holo Holo 10 months ago

    Elton comes, look them, thinks: This is a regular day in the TFIL house.

  • crazy man 10 months ago

    August 18th is my birthday ??

  • Merle Miller 10 months ago

    fuck you…