Hello ARMY’s, I hope this video will make you laugh and love BTS.


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  • min yoongi 9 months ago

    2:21 what was this

  • Autumn Guimond 9 months ago

    Can anyone tell me the song at 3:00

  • Autumn Guimond 9 months ago

    Can anyone tell me all jungkook solo songs plz and thx

  • Psycho Death 9 months ago

    Where is the video 0:57 from ??

  • Keith Alby Delmundo 9 months ago

    At 8:58 rapmonster was hit by suga's hand.. ???

  • Pop King 9 months ago

    Me trying to show off to my friend convo:

    Me: I need to start driving soon. I already have a car.
    Friend: You bought a car?
    Me: It's a toy car.

    OMG me too V ??

  • Kyanikii draws 9 months ago

    Jimin kitting himself while trying to do a move while sitting had me replay that over and over, it was so funny ???

  • Sidra Anis 9 months ago

    Oh my gooood at 5:03 I can't believe how can V walk like this when he wear high heels I'm so shooked looks like he always wear heels hahahaha

  • cylia #D 9 months ago

    8:06 what is the song?

  • Rachel a.k.a. AROHA 9 months ago

    Actually, i don't laugh at Jin"s Dad Jokes
    I laugh at his laugh WHAHAHA that windshield noise

  • Fahim Khan 9 months ago

    No matter how they act they are always cute…they are my life..

  • MC Pony 9 months ago

    at 0:11 can you give me the full video?

  • BTS Fangirl 9 months ago

    Some of this vids belongs to other youtubers yuo can't just steal some one vids im gonna report you????

  • spongebob squarepants 9 months ago

    5:36 ?????

  • Bella Amada 9 months ago

    2:58 WHAT THE SNOOT?

  • BtsHardcore Virus 9 months ago


  • Treningas Treninguotas 9 months ago

    Omg jimin if no girl wants to b yours you dont have to stare to the chest of an old lady xd

  • cindy 9 months ago

    where is 0:59 from? is it a show?

  • eli army 9 months ago

    Jinaconda ??