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  • EpiC clan 8 months ago

    Yall look alike!

  • TheMrFishnDucks 8 months ago

    That was hilarious. Kiana in clown costume minus the mask is the best dlc.

  • Emmanuel Oppong-Asamoah 8 months ago

    I aint even gonna lie, that was really funny ? how long did u have to wait outside though?

  • LaChaka Cousette 8 months ago

    Stop stop

  • Romeo Gomez 8 months ago

    Lol that was to funny hope to see more is Halloween your favorite Holiday?

  • eddiezamora1986 8 months ago

    I hate hate Clowns, your a evil child LMAO thats was epic your Moms Reaction tho lol why is it that in scary movies the person always loses their footing and crawls away (That's exactly what cha moms did) LOL I give it a 10.. now I wont be able to sleep tonight #IHateClowns 😀

    P.s Only if we would of seen ur dad flying down the stairs LOL

  • Alex Garcia 8 months ago

    Do you go to college?

  • Julia Iudice 8 months ago

    Your parents look super young

  • Chazz Mack 8 months ago

    Not to be rude but your mom is ??

  • lil flexin 8 months ago

    Good job but ended it to short

  • chisco914 8 months ago


  • Laila Robinson 8 months ago

    Mom like daughter . She dipped dang. You guys are really pretty I Love u sooooo much

  • Marissa Rissa 8 months ago

    Can’t do that my dad would’ve shot me ?

  • BreezyBallerGaming 8 months ago

    Can wait for more Friday the 13th gameplay

  • ChemistryMills 8 months ago

    Her mama fine

  • Rolly Rice 8 months ago

    Her moms reaction is priceless

  • Mr_Kidswagg 8 months ago

    How old is SheGotKicks

  • Broccoli Trends 8 months ago

    Does anybody notice she talks like a black person

  • Aj Gucci 8 months ago


  • Cyril Jonnakuti 8 months ago