Pedestrians are asked to help out holding a casket while these guys put a dead man inside. They don’t do a very good job, as they leave his limbs hanging out and even forget a shopping bag inside. Who hired these people? Sheesh…

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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  • ghost med 8 months ago

    not funny!!

  • A Fidget spinner 8 months ago

    Is that a man sleeping or he is relly dead

  • Ethan Ratliff 8 months ago

    You guys so suck

  • Brian francisco Adrien 8 months ago

    please tell its just acting

  • Sam T 8 months ago

    He sat on his hand!

  • Rastko Gaming Channel 8 months ago

    music name?

  • Va Gina 8 months ago


  • sorin Sorin 8 months ago

    He is back lives is Come back lives or power 100%

  • sorin Sorin 8 months ago

    He is dead because is lost lives or power 0%- 100% R.I.P Old Man 1930 – 2011

  • Akemi Taylor 8 months ago

    This is hilarious except for the inconsiderate douche bag at 1:13. Who does that?!

  • Ronnie Delaford 8 months ago

    Delaford nationally

  • Fruitarian 8 months ago

    1:10 omg he actuly sat in the coffin

  • Jlballs 8 months ago

    decent prank bi the fake laughs suck

  • Kakarot 8 months ago

    How old is this clip? The now old guy has ginger hair here.

  • Jacqueline Ellen 8 months ago

    They actually found a man taller than Dany, like by a foot?? O_o And he is cute too! Would have been interesting to see Dany get one of these when he's playing the jerk at the convenience store hehe!

  • randytd260807 8 months ago

    not funny at all

  • ♣ Scrub & Swag ♣ 8 months ago

    Not funny.

  • XcavadorSavage 8 months ago

    This man plays an excellent dead man, haha

  • Patrik333 8 months ago

    This is morbid 🙁

  • wedi fray 8 months ago

    1:12 the guy sits on the top of him haaaaaaaaaaahahlolll