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Our extreme horror prank!
Exorcist Demon Spider Walk!

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  • David Francis canada 7 months ago

    1.01 is that justin beaber?

  • AngelicWolf 2005 7 months ago

    Ok this is AMAZING! Gee make this a movie or something xD

  • Honzulus M. 7 months ago

    In the czech?

  • E2 M5 7 months ago

    How can one bend and move like that? Damn…

  • E2 M5 7 months ago

    Hooly fooks

  • Sabrina Launay 7 months ago

    Excellent ! XD

  • Letícia Almeida 7 months ago


  • Kent William 7 months ago

    Wow that must've took her lots of practise to walk in that position

  • crnlsnts 4 7 months ago

    3 people with their hockey stick two of them decided to run and this guy is ready to beat him up

  • N-Fost210 7 months ago

    Why do people walk down these dark fuckin alley ways anyway

  • Jose Cisneros 7 months ago

    I would start swinging

  • Rahul Singh 7 months ago


  • Radek Pečenka 7 months ago

    Ahoj chlapi. Záběr 0:47? Kde to je. Ve Štramberku?

  • Rem Chan desu 7 months ago


  • Joseph Hash 7 months ago

    He shut the gate xD

  • mr frank mix 7 months ago

    Awesome video plz next video the boy horror prank

  • Cat Vader 7 months ago

    If that happened to me, I would do 1 of these 3 things
    1. Had a weapon and beat it up like a man
    2. Run away like a baby crying HELP!!!
    3. Pass out or not be able to move out of terror and get killed

  • undertale boss battles 7 months ago

    This girl ain't a demond she is just pissed because she didn't get her McDonald's and she went to gymnastics and did the brig and now she is stuck like that

  • Kirito Calderilla 7 months ago

    I would ah kicked the shit out of it…if saw sumthing like walk-in at me…kick kick kick??????

  • why i m i watching at night