In this prank, a loving father asks strangers to watch over his daughter while he goes to the brathroom. Seconds later, the same guy gets out of the porta-potty with a little girl that looks like his.

But is it really?

Hilarious reactions guaranteed !!!

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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  • mm ranees. ranees 8 months ago


  • Pokemon WWE 8 months ago

    Man in red is damn weird

  • Marie Ann Dalisay 8 months ago

    So they are twins?

  • donnie brasco 8 months ago

    the red shirt sipping drinks dude funny as f??????

  • Muntazir Al Amri 8 months ago

    Very nice

  • Kids TV 8 months ago


  • Truong Minh Truong 8 months ago

    The two princeses

  • Giovanni Spillari 8 months ago

    That is really funny just for Gags

  • BombTheDom 8 months ago

    That's fake she's just a twin

  • purple galaxy08 8 months ago

    1:04 thinks: "this is wierd as &%÷&#£ but this milkshake is delicious, bonus is i get to keep the kid ?"

  • purple galaxy08 8 months ago

    Dont they see the camera?

  • MFZ MFZ 8 months ago

    those little girl are cute

  • traderpax 8 months ago

    any parent would know there is something wrong here. A kid would not let their parent just walk away like that. They'd be bauling their eyes out and running after dad.

  • Analia Mayol 8 months ago

    soy adorab jamier docwajfns ytkdjs

  • RonseyBones 8 months ago

    Deadly game: every time they play the laugh track, take a shot of tequila

  • traderpax 8 months ago

    Hit replay at 3:54. Best facial expression ever.

  • Crooked Halo 8 months ago

    LOL, Lazy! Almost all of the books were printouts so they didn't have to pick up so many books between gags! Possibly a safety & damage issue as well.

  • UNKNOWNCREEPYPERSON 666 8 months ago

    There could be pervs, so watch out on the first one.

  • Cutegirlgamer Foxxy 8 months ago

    Can You do a Angry Kid prank