Preacher Lawson Laugh Out Loud Comic Act = Full Performance America’s Got Talent 2017 Finale

AGT 2017 Finals live show

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  • DillonYalvis 8 months ago

    He has such cartoon-style physical skills! You have to have a certain kind of humor to laugh at this joke. I loved it

  • Caroline Setton 8 months ago

    About 37 seconds of his monkey dance… impressive?

  • Jeremy Martin 8 months ago

    I've never been a fan of him. He's got some funny jokes, but mostly, I just find him annoying. There have been FAR BETTER comedians in previous seasons!

  • Carri A 8 months ago

    Is he retarded?..He scares me..Not funny.

  • David Robinson 8 months ago

    so not funny

  • builttoscalevideos 8 months ago

    That seizure thing went on for a little too long I think, but it's nice that he acknowledged that it went on for a while.
    pretty funny guy.

  • Michael Walters 8 months ago

    this guy sucks

  • Supreme 7 8 months ago

    "Black power"…boyyy white people got quite as hell!?

  • Jamro YT 8 months ago

    Darci Won

  • Jos Babin 8 months ago

    me and my friend were dying laughing ?

  • Supreme 7 8 months ago

    Where are the PREACHER LAWSON fans?

  • lucas young 8 months ago

    Preacher is one of the funniest most unique comics I have ever seen. All the other acts besides light and Darcie were trash and preacher deserved second place behind Darcie or even to win. He is going to be HUGE. Can't believe he gets so much hate. He's like a walking cartoon. Absolutely amazing. People are getting dumber and dumber. I think I'm done with agt after this. Over produced fake show where sob stories win. #preacherFTW

  • AA soccer reaction 8 months ago

    Weird but funny

  • David Busta 8 months ago

    my gosh he is soo funny 😛 i love him

  • Jess Hooton 8 months ago

    what's up with the clown hair mel b it's America got talent not the curicus

  • Carmelo Anthony 8 months ago

    The only reason people dont like him is because he doesn't curse or tell jokes about how much cocaine your Mom can put up her ass cracm

  • linda ewald 8 months ago

    Preacher stunk

  • Judith Rivas 8 months ago

    Is not funny and not interesting to watch.

  • Mauricio delOlmo 8 months ago

    I hope people vote for talent not for sympathy ,,,, This is a talent show !!!

  • Mauricio delOlmo 8 months ago

    so boring …