One of the most funny pranks on YouTube!

This is the funny prank that started it all. A simple change of the windows start up sound and cranking up the volume knob turns into a funny prank.

Background Music:
“Scheming Weasel Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″”

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  • Ryan Matlosz 2 7 months ago

    For those that just want to see the prank unfold; go to 0:49

  • TheGibusHoovy TF2 7 months ago

    I think he pissed himself at the end look at the left side of his shorts!

  • StepsInTheMoonlight 7 months ago

    Oh I remember this…..

  • weeke 7 months ago

    one of the best pranks was uploaded on my 5th birthday lmfao

  • #HahGay 7 months ago


  • ADHDPhillyCyclist 7 months ago


  • Axiven Dias 7 months ago

    it police !!! open the door hahaha , thats so funny, got dammit 😀

  • Mr. Lotato 7 months ago

    where were you hiding

  • hazzaa super 7 months ago


  • Uilliam Wrigglesworth 7 months ago

    Good one!

  • Darkraiplays WR Ø[mok]Ø 7 months ago

    even I was shocked

  • Karvin 7 months ago

    They had 720 pixels back then???

  • Locstar543 7 months ago

    How do you do it?