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FUNNY PRANKS | The Best Fails Compilation | SEPTEMBER 2018

11 Responses to FUNNY PRANKS | The Best Fails Compilation | SEPTEMBER 2018

  • My step dad deleted my fortnite account and now im very sad im also mad because he disrespected me and he thought I was disrespecting him because of fortnite

  • What an annoying video full of total d-bag "parents". The one that yelled fire has to be the most colossal idiot in the history of motherhood. I hope her children don't ignore her if there ever is a real fire.

  • sorry ass video

  • parents and adults touture kids

  • screaming kids and stupid kids after a minor surgery i did without anthesthia cause iam not rich

  • You people who are pranking those little kids are just effed up. It's not even funny. It's just cruel. They're too young to appreciate the joke in the end. It's just wrong.

  • Why you pranking Children? Smh

  • 5:46 OMG he's crying now…Um yeah he's a little kid that you intended to make cry…

  • So now traumatizing kids is funny? Some of these parents are just douche bags.

  • A lot of these parents are just horrible. I don't think it's funny to make your kid cry. -_-

  • So so Funny Video
    I watch 3 time this Video

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