You guys suggested we add fart sounds for part 2 of our Funny Runner Prank so here it is! Thanks AcePlays for the idea! Enjoy

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  • ButtingHeads 9 months ago

    Hey guys we launched a Patreon page to help us keep making these videos for all of you because YouTube's "ad-pocalypse" is hitting us hard. If you want to support what we do even further, check it out! There will be extras/behind the scenes footage posted there for rewards. Thanks a lot for watching and sharing! <3

  • Adolfo Vazquez 9 months ago

    At 0:47 The guy with the sun glasses kinda looks like Logan from Zoey 101

  • Jagdish Phad 9 months ago

    Nice video.
    Keep it up

  • delhi hair patch 9 months ago

    nyc prank

  • jared sandoval 9 months ago

    Running like the dude in temple run ?

  • Joseph Stalingrad 9 months ago

    fake balls two plz

  • jeremy wahlang 9 months ago

    the running was hilarious especially the lady

  • hoi choo 9 months ago

    1:55 nice!

  • IMRAN NAWAB 9 months ago

    Hit like if u seen inanna sarkis

  • Turbo de 9 months ago

    walking around with white pooped pants

  • Abhijithvikram MP 9 months ago

    I'm a prank lover but no idea how I missed this chanel.

  • fashionably sensitive 9 months ago

    You guys, I'm telling you, when she runs she looks like a cross between kermit the frog and a six million dollar man.

  • DIVYA TOMAR 9 months ago

    Weldone guys!!

  • Chanly Hem HernΓ‘ndez 9 months ago

    At least something original

  • WesCo Kids TV 9 months ago

    OMG Lmbo

  • GiantsJets718 9 months ago

    Chick had a nice ass at the end in the short shorts

  • petev23 9 months ago

    The sound effects are stupid…please stop

  • unknown 9 months ago

    Well damn, your chick has more balls than me. Id never do this just for a video lol. So glad Im subbed to you two πŸ™‚

  • Venkatesh R 9 months ago

    You guys deserve more subscribers!! Love your channel!!

  • Swtn1311 S 9 months ago

    Please make longer videos!!! I love your pranks