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The psycho killer clown is back!
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*** Chainsaw was without blades/chain! ***


Get this video done took about 3 weeks (90+ hours of work in total)

-Get the right victims has been the hardest part, we spent an insane amount of time talking with radios, choosing and waiting for good victims (young males)

-Someone’s face is blurred out because he didn’t sign our release form

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“House of horror”

Sound effects:

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zombie prank

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  • Talis Abi 7 months ago

    Ciller clowns sind so dumm dummer als dumm

  • zermello franck 7 months ago


  • 쭈니 쭈니 7 months ago

    crown is very scary

  • Romain Dombard 7 months ago

    MDR !!!! TOP j'adore je passerai bien mon temps à faire des blagues de ce genre hihih hhahaah !!!

  • Laura Welter 7 months ago

    On va vous n*** les clowns arrêtez de faire les beaux on va vous défoncer quand vous allez arriver en octobre

  • Arron Lowe 7 months ago

    Stop clowning around!

  • Phil J. 7 months ago

    ce sont de vrai salopars !!!

  • Kreiter Ileana 7 months ago

    Cineva roman??

  • Riki Ariel 7 months ago

    בו ליצן בואו לישראל ניראה אותך אני בתל אביב

  • Katja Reiswich 7 months ago

    Das ist Schneise du
    Die armen leute

  • Ravza Aktas 7 months ago

    really scary i turned off my volume

  • Ezrin Juzriati 7 months ago

    Jahat gila

  • Pizza Was Here 7 months ago

    and this is why i'm afraid of the dark….

  • Nurul Alya Nong Teh 7 months ago

    fuck prank ????

  • Nurul Alya Nong Teh 7 months ago

    fuck prank ????

  • Laura Bohinc 7 months ago


  • Tina Cramer 7 months ago

    leute ich binn 10 jahre und hab so…..angst Hilfe ?

  • Antoine Hinant 7 months ago

    putian ison malade ?????????

  • iFireLights 7 months ago

    Fuck you

  • Antonia Neciu 7 months ago