Asian funny



  • I don't want to make a general statement (but fuck it, I will), but I feel like Lebanese people just naturally like to fuck with people. It's like second nature just to do it even if it's with people they don't know. Lmaoo

  • Come to puncbowl Rodriguez fucking Mexican dog see what happens to you

  • God bless my Lebo brothers

  • Lebos always flash their money. Does not matter how they make their money. because the inferior feelings they born with , they all sick Hebabis

  • Bruce Lee is a bit grumpy in his old age

  • lebos are the most mother fucker trouble maker. fuk lebos

  • What a mutt call the police film it disrespect the mans parents this leb is a disgrace to his people

  • I'm half white half Arab and muslim and I think any muslim Christian white Chinese Arab or anyone else rooting for a race is a true piece of shit. I've been around the world and can confirm that you're all pieces of shit in one way or another. And yes the shit that comes out of poor countries is worse but if you insult them you're the same as them because it proves you're ignorant as well. If you know anything whatsoever about economics you'll realize that the middle east Asia Africa and south America are literally forced into poverty because of a global dominated us paper currency. If you disagree it's because you actually do not understand the system in place. Places with less money have less education.. so instead of blaming people that didn't have the education you had, bitches, set an example and stop talking shit like a keyboard warrior. There are whites stronger than Arabs, Arabs stronger than whites.. Asians stronger than whites etc etc etc.. physical and mental strength is something obtained through discipline and heart and if you are typing that that comes from a bloodline, you're one of the peasants of this earth.

  • Once Chachmistan always chachmistan. Stop honking you disrespectful prick

  • i dare u to go to aurban, punchbowl, banstown, lakemba or guilford we will come and bash the fuck out of u

  • alex c if u say that one more time i will and fucking rip u apart

  • and i dare u to to say it to my face u asian cocksucker i will drop u

  • First off fuck this dune coon. Rofl for the video

  • fk your mada ????

  • I think he harassed the asian guy n he is responding.

  • HAHHAHA LEBANESE pple be like that when bored? …fucking proud to be lebanese ?❤️?

  • Funny ? Asian man

  • fuck muhammad and his pagan religion

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