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  • Jess Sessions 10 months ago

    I suppose they are all in the local landfill by now.

  • Creepregirl 1784 10 months ago

    Is not Really that funny you let me down lolol JK ? ? ? ?

  • clarity seer 10 months ago

    You could be attacked by Al Gore and his fascist green gang for such a huge carbon footprint why just look at all that styrofoam ..

  • Robbie B. 10 months ago

    I thought it looked awesome, what a classy prank that was!, His fire buddy's taking some time to do that very well and to do the selfie sticky notes in the Bathroom was very classy also!.

  • Ben Masta 10 months ago

    as firefighters they always prank eachother by making their houses an extreme fire hazard with paper lined everywhere possible.