Old but Epic!!!
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  • John Bird 9 months ago

    I have a chicken that sounds like him Wtf man ???????

  • Leonunbroken Pont 9 months ago

    When every time I want to comment what he sounds like it gets commented already rip

  • CLOSED NO MORE 9 months ago

    My old fan sounds like him

  • The Solar1Blade 9 months ago

    4:40 ???

  • Ultimate_slayer 1 9 months ago

    You want the good laugh then start at 4:38

  • Curtis Newton 9 months ago

    define funny

  • Michael Sisk 9 months ago

    1:15 AM and I'm over here crying off this guy

  • Sledgex3 9 months ago

    Delfy pls

  • Xx Jello Mello xX 9 months ago

    At 4:40 that reaction when you see the robot in cod infinite warfare say "good day fleshy mammals"

  • Siddy Biddy 9 months ago

    The chances are 0.00000009% but I'll ask anyway.

    Who came from Joko's video?

  • Algenesh Zomi 9 months ago

    this guy is seriekiller he need to stop laugh he maked me laugh that i got pain on my heart

  • akram gdr 9 months ago

    he's more famous than despacito

  • Gerald420 69 9 months ago
  • TwipYT 9 months ago

    I don't get the joke.

  • Take It 9 months ago

    and yet a Muslim will still believe in this crap.

  • devera488 9 months ago

    4:40 you’re welcome ??

  • Dank Kong 9 months ago

    You know. Its not even that funny the guy makes it 9999999x better

  • angel murphy 9 months ago

    The interview was really about him getting him some teeth?

  • Jaqen H'ghar 9 months ago

    press 6 fast

  • Buggy D. Clown 9 months ago

    I laughed so hard my muscles hurt now…