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Parents Whose Sense Of Humor Is Better Than Their Kids

Parenting can be tough, and in all the toughest jobs, it’s important to for our mums and dads to keep a healthy sense of humour. Also, us kids aren’t always easy, so can you blame them when they goof off and play with us from time-to-time?
Judging by these hilarious photos, these parents have clearly maintained their sense of humour by trolling their kids, and while we likely found our parents jokes lame in our younger years, let’s face it, looking back at them, they’re pretty funny and it’s more than likely we’ll end up doing the same.

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10+ Parents Whose Sense Of Humor Is Better Than Their Kids

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  • Ninjago Kaira!! 9 months ago

    The fuck is ur voice???!!!

  • fishron the shark 9 months ago

    #69 he was hunting for pussy

  • Tory Johnson 9 months ago

    Stalker at 8:11

  • Playstation Pro 9 months ago

    I like 9

  • XxCookieXx Cookie 9 months ago

    Just noticed its Big4stats intro theme

  • Royal and rebel 9 months ago

    i al

  • Chris 9 months ago

    Is it just me, or does the picture for #59 (@ 9:29) Look a lot like Robin Williams?

  • Ryaken 9 months ago

    Very simple way to avoid all this. Don't ask for anything from your parents, never expect anything from them but the bare essentials. All the junk I got on occasional birthdays I would pawn online to raise my own cash.

  • LexiLovesCats 6 9 months ago

    5:11 I've seen this one XD

  • Suri Pham 9 months ago

    What's the name of the song ???

  • Suri Pham 9 months ago

    What's the name of the song ???

  • Frovex 9 months ago

    0:55 that's creepy

  • Bryan Abel 9 months ago

    When I was little I also want ed an iPad and my moms a nurse so she brought home eye pads for all of us another year u wanted a pocket knife so they gave my brother a real one and me one that looked exactly alike from a distance turns out tin foil can be confuzziling from a long distance

  • {LGBKZZ } 9 months ago

    6:58 IM DEAD ???

  • Kyashi 9 months ago

    Ugh I was gonna watch this video but something about that guys voice me not want to live anymore I hated it so much idk why

  • BalloUyenGaming 9 months ago

    8:58 what song plz

  • Møther_øf_Drøgøns_ 9 months ago

    That one girl whose dad remakes her selfies had an anti possession tattoo.

  • account five 9 months ago

    What are you saying

  • Sebastian Guzman 9 months ago

    Have to mute this stupid, obnoxious, and cringe song.