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Bloopers, Gag Reel & Outtakes from Paul Rudd Movies

He is the face of Marvel’s Ant-Man but that is not all he is famous for. Whether is throwing out one liners in the movies like Anchorman and 40yr Old Virgin, Paul Rudd can always make us laugh.

Check out this collection of some of his best blooper moments.

Date of Birth: 6 April 1969
Place of Birth: Passaic, New Jersey, USA
Birth Name: Paul Stephen Rudd
Nickname: Fred
Job: Actor, Writer, Producer


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  • Jamin Werkheiser 9 months ago

    Steve Carell shines

  • Heatonator 9 months ago

    I mean at 7:00 he looks like a snake. Like c'mon

  • Heatonator 9 months ago

    Sometimes he looks like a snake (coz his eyes are a very promonant) but he is a very attractive snake

  • PromoGaming PromoGaming 9 months ago

    His wife in this is 40. Is so fricin Hot

  • David Valentine 9 months ago

    if you don't like paul rudd !! thats your opinion but i'm sorry too say but your wrong

  • •JøJø• 9 months ago

    I love this tbh

  • MOOFAZAA 9 months ago

    Talk about a river of ejaculate hahaha

  • Thomas Jensen 9 months ago

    I think the dust mites part was very educational …

  • Jeronimo 9 months ago

    0:30 young ozzy

  • captainsplifford 9 months ago

    I honestly think that everyone is a little in love with Paul Rudd.

  • Andrea Ditan 9 months ago

    Paul Rudd is really handsome

  • Superbanananinja 9 months ago

    Ohmygod, I never knew the other roles he did I feel so stupid. I now love Paul Rudd(even more)

  • Calloneil 9 months ago

    0:20 when it's my turn to talk in a group presentation

  • Francesca V. 9 months ago

    He has the cutest smile of the planet ❤️

  • Grizzly Adams 9 months ago

    That hefty commercial is fucking hilarious!

  • LeBronda James 9 months ago

    paul rudd has got to be stoned all the time

  • poppanolan 9 months ago

    Talk about a river of ejaculate… now I know how those poor villagers of Pompeii felt.

  • Options Specialist 9 months ago

    Watched six months ago. 1k comments. Now only 12?

    It's only a matter time.

    YouTube flags people and based on algorithms – tags specific individuals.
    I'm in tech and they flagged 2 of my old accounts.

    Get a rouge account.

  • Rodrigo Lima 9 months ago
  • Steve Price 9 months ago

    any advertisement over 5secs I don't buy