People are very unaware when texting while walking, and yet seem to think it’s ok to text while driving, so in this video I thought i’d illustrate how unaware people are by scaring the shit out of them while they’re texting and walking

Happy Halloween, share this video and stay safe!! 🙂

more info:
This scare prank for Halloween is made to show people how unaware they are while texting and walking, by walking up to them while they are texting and scaring the life out of them. 100,000’s of people get into a car crash annually due to texting related issues, so in this video I demonstrate how little attention we have while texting and walking to reassure that you should never text while driving as it narrows your focus to limit only your phone which increases the odds you running into danger!

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Scaring People Who Text & Walk At The Same Time Prank

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