scary prank

Terrifying Chucky Scare Prank!

14 Responses to Terrifying Chucky Scare Prank!

  • Dit is echt eng 😟😟😟😟😟😟

  • this scared me 😭😭😭

  • Your mom is so hot vitaly

  • Dude, she’s gonna eventually disown you. There’s only so much someone can take.

  • I feel bad for her..

  • first of all that's not a prank your f**** stupid dude I'm sorry excuse my language but you're an idiot why would you do something like that to a beautiful female you got to treat that lady with respect don't try to scare her like a dumbass just for the YouTube viewers it's not right and that's not funny you never scare a female it's never good what happens if she had a heart attack and died on the floor then you would be charged and prosecuted and court and put behind bars if that's not funny you're an idiot for making that girl scream that's not right and that wasn't funny you're talkin about a killing machine doll that was on movies that scares people especially young kids because I washed that when I was little I'm not scared of Chucky I'm only scared of God cuz I know one day when we all die we got to face him for what we do on this world

  • You poor mother !  The way she collapsed to the floor, she knew she was dead.

  • حسبته تيريون لانيستر😂😂.

  • My mom would sream and beat the hell outta that chucky doll

  • Haha nice one Vitaly I think you might have scared her more if he popped out from behind the ledge after your mom walked past him but the way you did it made it more like a movie

  • Warring⚠️ Don't do at home🚫

  • I remember watching this but I didn’t know it was vitaly…….so basically I knew vitally In 2015 but claimed 2016…

  • Français?

  • Sounded and looked nothing like chucky .

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