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  • Failing Phantom 10 months ago

    Please suggest some more videos for next video!!!!

  • Ngath Therayu 10 months ago

    Fast forward huh

  • GOTTRIGGEREDBOI 10 months ago

    I like watching pranks but a terrorism prank scarred me for life

  • crack 2160 10 months ago

    pulling chair is good prank try

  • NoCheating 10 months ago

    imagine that elevator not being at the floor while hes falling in lol, good bye sirprankstalot :d

  • CADET AJ-7001 10 months ago

    wrong thumbnail….

  • Temanawa Exeter-Bachop 10 months ago


  • Romain Brown 10 months ago

    Lol very funny

  • jssangel416 10 months ago

    Good video except for the bomb scare on the bus. I think it kinda feeds into stereotypes and racism against innocent middleasterners and muslims.

  • Connor Brookes 10 months ago

    The ending tho???

  • Shauntel Frazier 10 months ago

    6:44 looks like that little girl was getting dragged off the bus by her neck.

  • Blaze 345 10 months ago

    In russia he just get hit from a random guy

  • Kaiden Ruiz 10 months ago

    4:27 HAHAHA HIS FACE ??????? he's like WTF ohhh I see where's this is going and then another one again WTF OKI LOLOLOLOL I WAS DYING OF LAUGHTER

  • Abigail alvarez 10 months ago

    I love the guy singing it's funny ?

  • Loca 4 Nailz 10 months ago

    4:13 let them bitches kiss my husband. They will be laughing TOOTHLESS on there next "kissing prank". I hate when "pretty bitches" think they can do wtf they want!!

  • Force Fighter 10 months ago

    Hello that's my wife Hello hello lmfao

  • Bespoke Kil 10 months ago

    But if men kissed women we wud be sent to jail…??

  • Groho Rotaru 10 months ago

    The thing when an arab put the bomb to the bus is not ludicrous because the most of people are in dread of terrorism. İ would beat this "arab"'s face for this prank, it is not laughable really!

  • Rizky Latif 10 months ago

    The ? thing ????

  • Heyitslolz 10 months ago

    This should have more likes