The Walking Dead sends hungry zombies to infest a sidewalk grate and shock New Yorkers on hidden camera. For more The Walking Dead videos:

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  • YoloRam 7 months ago

    I would be more scared as a zombie.

    My hands could had been stepped on

  • a gatling pea 7 months ago

    Imagine if the zombies were like video game ones and starting vomiting acid at people (if this was real lol)

  • Maharshi Kansara 7 months ago

    I very late but I'd be the guy who would step on their fingers ?

  • Revolt Films 7 months ago

    i would like to see an ACTUAL outbreak and see these people LAUGHING!

  • Zhunter Cam 7 months ago

    and this is why we all die from zombies because they would think it a prank till it's to late lmao

  • savage Level 7 months ago


  • Jade Purdy 7 months ago

    super hot super duper duper duper duper boo boo blow blow blow

  • ShawneTheGreatGamer 7 months ago

    Gosh, I guess it was just a prank, when they made a fake zombie for a scene. At least it's kinda like a real one, a little.

  • Sleeping Puppy197 7 months ago

    this is just beautiful faints

  • _Random_Gamer_ 7 months ago

    id step on their hands

  • Melissa Evans 7 months ago

    If I was a zombie that was smart.. I would get a axe and destroy it and eat them up into little peaces of sh*t!

  • Ricquia LaNore 7 months ago

    Someone almost died

  • How Strong Is That 7 months ago

    lol prank

  • Carolyn Clark 7 months ago

    One thing it should be call walker scare cause when do you see them walk

  • Kyle Rider 7 months ago

    I wish my life was fun like this video

  • a commenter 7 months ago

    We need MOUURRRE..

  • Ava Frances 7 months ago


  • Frosty Gaming 7 months ago

    0:58 wow she's amazing lol.

  • John Cena 7 months ago

    would have fucking loled if a homeless guy came up and just zipped down his pants and started taking a piss

  • JBoys Gaston 7 months ago