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  • 귀여욱똘닉유투버 9 months ago


  • Jordan Burleson 9 months ago


  • Davlo 9 months ago


  • Sean Roesch 9 months ago

    At 7 10 is that deshone Kizer

  • A kid Roblox 9 months ago

    2:56 I was like: dafuq

  • camaradaSSS 123 9 months ago

    "Its a fucking joke" ??

  • Carlos Tellez 9 months ago

    Hola Buenas tardes envío el Facebook y yo también me toca ir al último correo de Windows es una de la mañana y yo le enmowtrqei vídeos reggaeton de 7 a la voz de la mañana a la espera q tu hermana y que y y que no se si es necesario que se le aboné el la el la voz del pueblo me

  • james manlapaz 9 months ago

    not funny

  • Kristi Dickerson 9 months ago

    What does lamo mean and if you says it means thic than what does that mean?

  • Erik Gumilang 9 months ago

    Im work 80

  • Extatic 9 months ago
  • Uli Holweger 9 months ago

    No problem not to laugh. Stupid pranks and non-stop hysterically screaming people. What a sad kind of entertainment. Perfect for generation YouTube. 🙁

  • Awesome Me 9 months ago

    6:47, THANK ME LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stacy Cleary 9 months ago

    At 3:27 was fake you could tell

  • Son Goku SSGSSB SSJ3 9 months ago

    6:28 🙂

  • disbicable animator 9 months ago



  • the ghost 9 months ago

    is that fredy krueger at 6:02

  • ly bich vy ly bich vy 9 months ago


  • 7:52 LMFAO!! HIS MOM TAKES HIM DOWN!! Lol????

  • BlueFoxGuy 9 months ago

    Came here for 2:55