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TRY NOT TO LAUGH or GRIN Funny Kids Fails Compilation 2017 | Cute Kids Fails Funny Videos 2017
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  • Isobel Hensen 8 months ago

    Ab min. 3:5005:10 min: WAS ist daran lustig!? Die wollen klar nicht dan sollte man es gut sein lassen. Beide kotzen fast, weil sie wirklich nicht möchten. Dan versucht man es eben ein andern mal. Aber das Grenzt für mich an Kindswohlgefährdung. Das ist für mich keine Mutter sondern eher eine Kinderquälerin. Asozial SOWAS zu Filmen und dan noch ins Netz zu stellen. Was für ein Miststückt!

  • 5-Minutes Skills 8 months ago


    New video is out. Hope you like it.
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  • Jeffy Jr. 8 months ago

    Why would you make a video like this it should be funny but instead its super cruel

  • Jeffy Jr. 8 months ago

    That lady that made the kids eat the soup is super mean????? she=??????

  • ramona socaciu 8 months ago

    the one where the dad was gonna text santa is just is sad

  • Susan Tranbarger 8 months ago

    The baby fell asleep

  • Kate Cresswell 8 months ago

    Also the one where the dad said he was texting santa! That's just cruel

  • Kate Cresswell 8 months ago

    Broccoli and cheddar soup? No wonder he kids are screaming bad mom

  • Susan Salhab 8 months ago

    Their videos are not funny. Their videos are very useless and boring

  • Sj Little 8 months ago

    Broccoli cheddar soup how gross what a terrible mom

  • Alex Clausen 8 months ago


  • Halo gaming 101 8 months ago

    Jesus Christ, he wouldn't eat one f ing pea

  • kassandra eshelby 8 months ago

    This isn't even ? funny

  • Maya Attwood 8 months ago

    That's not cute it's just gross

  • Alexandre Tavares 8 months ago

    kkkkkkk, muito engraçado! kkkkkk

  • Puppy Harford 8 months ago

    I'm on YouTube and I'm giving "LIFE AWESOME" a shout-out!! Good job life awesome!!

  • sara catalano 8 months ago

    its not fun watching kids crying ……………

  • Ella The Unicorn 8 months ago

    Omg I love the end it's so

  • demon kitty18 8 months ago

    wow im seeing alot of bad parents

  • Joey Korsmit 8 months ago

    Easy peasy it wa smore cute than funny nice try though keep it up