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Moments in Elevator PART 2

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  • Jemuel Genon 8 months ago


  • Romanos Ginnerup 8 months ago

    2:43 snoop dog in hoodie?!?

  • Paul Newman 8 months ago

    You know you can get hit with a sexual assault or assault case, be careful…

  • sreerag sreevalsan 8 months ago

    Hei daniel..

  • Dj Blast 8 months ago

    I'm surprised you didn't get punch

  • Rolls royce 8 months ago

    ?????…and..grandma at the as hell?

  • Brandon Perez 8 months ago


  • kuhan nelommohan 8 months ago

    Feel good video i felt asthough it was full of positive reaction and feel made me laugh hahaha Good Job Man!!

  • Tadgh Connery 8 months ago

    Hilarious ??

  • Vi Vs 8 months ago

    2:21all indians

  • Max Weßner 8 months ago

    Well, deep respect for not laughing in those situations… This was so funny???

  • Itz Luke 8 months ago

    αт 4:29 ∂αиg ∂σg тнαт gυу ℓσσкѕ exactly like Barack Obama

  • Bumpy Bum 8 months ago

    When he got tipped though?

  • محمد رائد 8 months ago


  • anurag swain 8 months ago

    Do it man

  • DARK FROST 8 months ago

    wow its one of the most funny video ever nice shot daniel

  • U r amazing dude… So hilarious.

  • Abigail Valdez 8 months ago

    Hahahahahhaha…..honestly I would've sang along with you 🙂 "I dreamed a dream in time gone by……when hope was high…."

  • vamshi danel 8 months ago

    Nice video bro

  • Nawaz Shariff 8 months ago

    awesome bro..