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Directed by Ken Tanaka and David Neptune

Thanks to Los Angeles YouTube studio for allowing us to film there.

Starring Scott Beehner, Stella Choe and a Ken Tanaka jog by.
Directed by David Neptune and Ken Tanaka
Written by Ken Tanaka with David Ury
Camera and Sound by John Coyne and David Neptune

This is my first video that I worked on together with my long lost identical twin brother David Ury. He helped get the actors to do the video. You can see us meet in my videos, just search “Ken Tanaka ” and “David Ury”.

Scott Beehner is an actor from the Groundlings comedy troupe, and lots of tv shows like Zeke and Luther, Sunny in Philly, and Workaholics. Stella Choe is an actor and professional dancer from The Muppet Movie and other films and tv shows. Attention agents, She is seeking theatrical representation in Los Angeles.

In this video, What Kind of Asian are you? Scott plays a friendly jogger who is very interested in guessing the heritage of Stella.



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What kind of Asian are you?

12 Responses to What kind of Asian are you?

  • http://twineer.com/17LY


  • Cringe!

  • Well that is just textbook ignorance by the lady in this video…….

    Guinness is from Ireland. 🙂

  • Most interesting thing about the majority of white people is that they don't get embarrassed for saying or doing embarrassing things!!! Totally proud of their stupidity!!!

  • Folk (not just white folk) dont think too much about what they are asking when they are trying to be nice to someone 'exotic'. 'Where are you from?' is really another way of saying your 'heritage' is where you're from despite being born locally.

  • What is ‘regular’ American? ?

  • So his dad is from england i guess u can say

    England is his city lol
    Fuxk jake paul

  • Great video!
    Funny and sooo true!

  • 1:26 she's playing just dance 2018


  • Total false equivalency. The country has been predominantly white for hundreds of years. The majority of whites in this country are not first generation, whereas a huge number of Asians are. Asking where are you from, although tiresome for Asians to hear repeatedly, is not a stupid question nor is it a form of white oppression. It makes sense. Political correctness and identity politics is making idiots of smart people, as another poster said.

  • This made my day lol

  • was distracted this whole time by her giant eyebags

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